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    Study in Ukraine FAQ

    Below are quick answers to frequently asked questions usually sent by prospective international students planning for a university education in Ukraine. They have been grouped into sections, for ease of consumption. So, go through the questions and provided answers, and if you have additional inquiries, then contact us via our help desk.

    About Ukraine

    Where is Ukraine Located?

    Ukraine is located at the eastern part of Europe, with a land area of 603,628 km2. It shares borders with Russian to the east and north east, Belarus to the north-west, Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania and Moldova to the  southwest. The south and southeastern part borders with the Black sea and Azov sea respectively.

    What Is The Population Of Ukraine?

    The population of Ukraine is around 45 million

    What Languages Are Spoken in Ukraine?

    The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian language. However, Russia language is widely spoken especially around the eastern part of the country. In the western part, where Ukraine borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the languages spoken there contain some elements of the bordering countries that technically does not qualify it as pure Ukrainian language.

    What Is The Climate Of Ukraine?

    Ukraine has a four season climate:

    1. Winter:  December to February
    2. Spring: March to May
    3. Summer: June to August
    4. Autumn: September to November

    There is usually cold winters and hot summer periods.

    What Is Ukraine's Official Religion?

    The official religion of Ukraine is Christianity. However, people of other faith are free to practice whatever faith they believe in.

    Is Ukraine An European Union Member Country?

    Ukraine is yet to become a full member of the European Union, and is in the process of becoming one. The association agreement has been signed in 2014, and the country is putting in place the necessary reforms that will enable it become a full European Union member.

    Admission Questions

    Is It Compulsory To Use An Admission Agency?

    No, it is not compulsory to use the services of an admission agency for processing university admission in Ukraine

    What Are The Official Means of Processing Admission

    There are only two official and government approved means of processing university admission to study in Ukraine.

    1. Direct from the university
    2. Through registered and licensed intermediary companies in Ukraine

    How Long Does It Take To Process A University Admission?

    During admission season, it could take up to 7 days to process university admission. Sometimes it could take longer. However if admission is not going on, then it could take much longer until admission starts.

    What Teaching Languages Are Available?

    The three major teaching languages are:

    1. Ukrainian language
    2. Russian language
    3. English language (mostly for foreign students)

    Is It Compulsory To Undergo The Preparatory Program?

    It is not compulsory, if the candidate satisfies the admission requirements for the program of choice and is fluent in the teaching language of the program.

    However, if the student fails to satisfy admission requirements for the chosen program, or is not fluent with the teaching language of the program, then the preparatory program becomes inevitable.

    When Is The Best Time To Start Applying For Admission?

    Most universities start issuing invitation letter from April / May. So, it will be appropriate to initiate the process from March.

    About Universities

    Do The Universities Have International Recognition?

    Yes, the universities with accreditation to teach foreign students all have international recognition. It is important to note that not all the universities are licensed and have accreditation to admit and teach international students.

    What Is The Academic Calendar / Cycle Of The Universities?

    The academic year starts from 1st of September and rounds up by the ending of June. July and August are always summer holidays. There is also a winter break of around two weeks.

    Are The Universities Located In Dedicated Campuses?

    Some universities are located in a dedicated campus environment. On the other hand, some others that are located in the heart of the city do not have dedicated campus environment.

    Can I Transfer From One University To Another in Ukraine?

    Yes, it is allowed to transfer from one university to another in Ukraine.

    Can I Transfer My Credits To Another University in Europe?

    Yes, it is possible to transfer your academic credits to another university in Europe and continue education there.

    Can I Bring My Credits From A Non- Ukrainian University?

    Yes, it is possible to transfer your academic credits from a university outside Ukraine to an Ukrainian university and continue education in the Ukrainian university.

    About Visa

    What Are The Requirements For Visa?

    The requirements for visa are country specific. You will need to contact the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in your home country or country of residence and find out the exact visa requirements applicable to you.

    For a list of Ukrainian embassies worldwide, click ==> here

    What Is The Role Of The Visa Support Letter?

    The visa confirmation letter is a confirmation sent to the Ukrainian Embassy in students home country, or country of residence, which confirms the authenticity of the issued invitation letter. It is a prerequisite for processing a visa application.

    Must I Need A Visa To Enter Ukraine?

    If you are not a citizen of a country that maintains a bilateral agreement with Ukraine on a visa-free regime for a period extending beyond 90 days, then you need a visa to enter Ukraine for educational purposes. If you are a national of a country that meets the description above, then you will not need a visa to enter Ukraine but would still require to receive a study invitation letter from a university in Ukraine.

    What Type Of Visa Do I Need?

    The type of visa needed is the “Type D” visa. It is the visa type that enables a foreign national stay beyond a period of 90 days in Ukraine.

    What Happens If An Issued Visa Expires Before Travelling?

    You will have to process another one.

    What If I Don't Need A Visa To Enter Ukraine?

    If you are a citizen of a country that doesn’t require a visa to enter Ukraine, then all you need will be a university invitation letter as a confirmation of the purpose of your trip to Ukraine. You will need to present it when crossing the border.

    About Cost of Living & Funding

    Are There Scholarship Opportunities in Ukraine?

    There are no scholarships for international students in Ukraine.

    What Is The Average Monthly Expenditure?

    To a great extent, it depends on the individual. A conservative student can live on a budget of between $100 – $150 per month. Some students might struggle with a $500 / month budget. So, it all boils down to the student’s lifestyle.

    Can Tuition Be Paid On A Per Semester Basis?

    Yes, most universities allow per-semester tuition payment, after the first year.

    Can I Work & Study in Ukraine At The Same Time?

    The Ukrainian constitution has no provision that offers international students working permit while still in school. Therefore any form of business or work oriented activity is deemed a violation of the law. So, officially international students are not permitted to work while studying.

    Will I Rely Exclusively On External Funding?

    The only truthful answer to this question is a YES. If you do not have adequate funding for the entire duration of the education period, it is strongly advised to reconsider your decision to study in Ukraine. You might be better off looking elsewhere.

    What Happens If Unable To Meet Financial Obligations?

    The university will terminate your admission contract, and will duly notify the immigration that you are no longer a student of the university. The residential permit will also be cancelled and the student will be expected to leave the country or face the risk of becoming an illegal immigrant.