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Preparatory Program – Agro / Veterinary Science (Sumy)

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Ukraine university admission for preparatory program into the agro / veterinary science fields.

Pre-requisite for:  Bachelors, Masters or PhD program in Russian language.

City: Sumy, Ukraine.

Processed admission consists of the following:

  • University Admission / Invitation Letter.
  • Visa Support Letter.

Delivery: Standard courier delivery – $100 (added during checkout)


Preparatory Program - Agro / Veterinary Science (Sumy)

Agro / Veterinary Science Preparatory Program in the city of Sumy. University admission to undergo preparatory program in the agro / veterinary science fields.  Courses of subsequent study includes agronomy, animal husbandry and other veterinary-oriented courses.

The processed admission will comprise of the following:

  • Invitation / Admission Letter
  • Visa Support Letter

Preparation language: Russian language.

Duration:  6 to 10 months.

Upon successful completion, student will be eligible to enroll into any of the university’s social science and management courses offered in Russian language.


University Admission Requirements (for processing admission / invitation letter):

  • Valid International Passport
  • Certificate of Secondary / High School Completion With Grades
  • Certificate / result must not be issued more than ten (10) years ago.
  • Personal Data Collection and Processing Consent.

Admission Requirements For Masters and PhD Programs (in addition to the ones listed above)

  • Bachelors degree certificate with transcript showing courses, total hours for the course and grade (for masters program)
  • Bachelors and Masters Degree Certificate with transcript showing courses, total hours for the course and grade (for PhD program)

University Enrollment / Registration Requirements (post-arrival)

  • A Valid International Passport
  • A valid Type D Visa With Not Less Than 15 Days Before Expiration
  • Original University Invitation Letter
  • Original and Translated / Legalized Copy of All Applicable Academic Results With Grades.
  • Original and Translated / Legalized Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Original and Translated / Legalized Copy Of Medical Test Result indicating Medical Fitness to Study in Ukraine, and Absence of HIV
  • Immigration Card, Obtained at The Airport During Arrival.
  • One Year Open Return Ticket
  • Payment Of Tuition, Accommodation Cost and Other Applicable University Registration Payments
  • 6 – 8 Passport-Sized Photos (60x40mm)

University Enrollment / Registration Requirements for Masters and PhD Programs (in addition to the ones listed above) 

  • Original and Translated / Legalized Copy of Bachelors degree certificate with transcript (for masters program)
  • Original and Translated / Legalized Copy of Bachelors and Masters Degree with transcripts (for PhD program)
  • A nostrification process will be applicable after enrollment, to verify authenticity of admission documents.


  1. “University admission requirements” are for processing university admission / invitation letter.
  2. “University Enrollment / Registration Requirements” are for processing university registration upon arrival.


See also the section for cost details and more info.

Additional information






Bachelors, Masters, PhD

Entry Level:

Preparatory Program


Agro and Veterinary Science



Payments and Cost Breakdown:

Detailed Breakdown of All Applicable Payment (admission processing cost and post-arrival payment)

Invitation Letter + Visa Support Letter:

$200 – $300 (depends on the program)

Delivery Cost & Method:

$99 (Courier Delivery)

Total (Invitation & Visa Support + Delivery):

$300 – $400 (depends on the selected program)

Post-Arrival Payments:

All Payments Due To Be Made Only Upon Arrival

Airport Reception, Immigration Logistics and Transportation to Hostel:




Hostel Accommodation (standard):


University Registration (medical test, translation / notarization, health insurance, residential permit):


Company Services:


Total (Post-Arrival Payment):


Mode of Payment:

Payment is made in two stages. 1st: admission processing cost is paid up-front; 2nd: post-arrival payments are made only upon arrival.

Payment Terms and Warranties:

1: There is a 180 day Full Money Back Guarantee. See Our Terms of Service Page For Details; 2: Make Payment Only After Successful Online Appraisal and Email Confirmation By Our Admission Consultant.

Important Note:

The Information Contained on This Page Forms The Basis of Your Admission. It Should Be Reflected In Your Application Form, and Admission Contract., This Contract Amount Is The Only Applicable Payment To Your Admission, And University Enrollment Upon Arrival.


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Once the contract is signed, admission processing will commence immediately, and within the first 10 working days after contract signing. A soft copy of the completed admission / invitation letter will be sent to you by mail for confirmation, after which the original copy and any translations (if any) will be sent via courier to the address reflected in your application form.

Your payment is covered by our 180 days (6 months) full money back guarantee as reflected in our Terms of Service page, and in accordance with the terms and conditions contained therein.

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